Geometry Study

At its most basic level, geometry is everywhere

Beginning as infants, humans are attracted to patterns, designs and shapes. In nature, animals use the patterns and other geometric ideas as part of the reproduction process, defense mechanisms, and as a method to attract others. Certain geometric elements present in nature have even inspired humans to construct and develop workflows and processes containing them at their core.

The intention of this project is to explore some of those forms and functions in an attempt to better comprehend the patterns and symbols that govern our every day lives.  Confining myself to a core four variations of circles, squares, triangles, and hexagons, I pushed each shape to its limit – combining and compiling them until I had developed forms I found to be suitably presentable while still maintaining a level of geometric balance.

It may well be doubted whether, in all the range of science, there is any field so fascinating to the explorer, so rich in hidden treasures, so fruitful in delightful surprises, as Pure Mathematics. 

 Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), 1832–1898


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