New Rave Green

Art direction provided by myself for the Sounders FC 2018 “New Rave Green” Kit launch. The concept for the shoot was a serious, moody, yet vibrant undertone shot with a locker-room backdrop to help launch the 2018 Sounders FC Home Kits.

The entirety of the photoshoot took place over the course of 4.5 hours, with myself and photographer Mike Fiechtner (of using an added 2 or so hours to set up the lighting and tone of the room we would shoot within.

Once the players arrived, we guided them through each particular pose necessary for the shoot, while emphasizing that each player be comfortable in their own “zone” as this would inevitably bring about the best shots. This adaptive mentality actually helped elevate the level of the shoot as we captured shots we wouldn’t have thought to go for prior to the players’ natural suggestions emerging.


“Featuring a brush strokes pattern, every jersey has a unique pattern. The design of the kit includes innovative materials with an AdiZero polyester fabric and a fully engineered back panel providing player freedom of movement and temperature regulation. AdiZero jerseys are the lightest soccer jerseys in class made.”


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