The NRL Dally M Awards

are the official annual player awards for the National Rugby League (NRL) competition.

As well as honoring the player of the year, who received the Dally M Medal, awards are also given to the premier player in each position, the best coach, the best captain, representative player of the year and the most outstanding rookie of the season. The awards are named in honor of Australian former rugby league great Herbert Henry "Dally" Messenger.

For 2021, I was tasked with concepting and art direction of that year's Dally M Awards visual identity. I worked with the internal team at the NRL to craft an identity that while visually appealing, would communicate the impact and prestige associated with the Awards. 

Given that none of the award winners were to be revealed prior to the show itself, a large precedent was set on preparing for every possible outcome — which equated to roughly 3-8 options for each award category. Given this information, it was largely important to develop a striking, yet modular identity that could be easily iterated upon in the event of a last second change. Relying on black and white image treatments in combination with scratch + vibrant gold foil textures, I wanted to channel the rugged prestige associated with NRL's Dally M Awards/

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