In Q2 of 2020 I was approached by USC Football to help bolster their overall design presence in both the recruiting and social-media spheres. 

With the pandemic beginning to take hold, the emphasis placed on stellar content and digital communication was at an all time high — and USC was dead-set on keeping their foot on the pedal. 

Over the greater part of the next year, I worked directly with USC's Director of Player Personnel as well as their in-house Director of Design in order to assist in elevating their brand. The end result was playing a pivotal role in the development of the nation's 8th best recruiting class (Per, in addition to the Trojans snagging the nation's #1 overall recruit, Korey Foreman

Depicted below is just a small snippet of what I am able to show, but represents an organization and coaching staff that unequivocally and continuously places its faith in its creative team to deliver when it matters most. 


For each of the 6 of USC's gamedays in 2020, I was commissioned to design and develop a custom poster that emphasized each matchup. Playing off of USC's location in Los Angeles, I wanted to channel a heroic, movie poster aesthetic to help portray the story of the team. 

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